Clysia is a country located on the west coast. It is mostly forest with large beaches dotted along the coast. It shares borders with at least two other countries. It serves as the main setting for The Nesrad Legacy. It is divided into three provinces, Aquila the northern capital, Galreath in the south and Marithar to the east. Each province has their own city and several villages.

History Edit

Politics Edit

There are three main provinces within Clysia:

Each province is designated an Earl to control how everything is run. The Earl of Aquila is also the King of Clysia and he has the say in important major decisions which are made in Aquila. The King is the overall head of state of Clysia.

Each province has their own judicial methods:

  • Galreath has an underground prison below their castle and they hang conspirators and murderers.
  • Marithar punish criminals by sending them to work in an underground mining prison. Those who attempt, plot or commit murder are hanged or drowned.
  • Aquila have a very large prison and they hang conspirators and murderers.

Culture Edit

The culture varies between each province. Farming is very popular throughout the country and farms are commonly found. A lot of meat is consumed due to the high number of produce from farm animals. Mining is a very popular occupation in Marithar and Galreath and there are mines everywhere. Horses are a common means of transport with each city offering horse carriages for transport.

Religion Edit

Majority of Clysians believe in the same religion. Aquila has one of the largest cathedrals in the world and non-religious people are rarely found.

Economy Edit

The currency Clysians use is known as 'Ciphers'.

Popular occupations in Clysia include:

  • Farmer
  • Lumberjack
  • Fisherman
  • Miner

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