Rahiil was a reptilian bounty hunter operating in Clysia at the time of the events of The Nesrad Legacy. He and his partner Keesorak were sent to Galreath to assassinate Zakara as revenge for killing the King of Clysia.

Biography Edit

The Nesrad Legacy Edit

Shortly after the murder of the King, Rahiil and his partner were dispatched to Galreath to kill Zakara for his crimes. First arriving at Galreath City, they demanded to know Zakara's location but the Earl of Galreath refused to tell them, and ordered them to leave his city at once. The two bounty hunters traveled to the village where Zakara was staying and burnt it to the ground, killing the Innkeeper and his wife, among other village residents. Just then Zakara arrived at the scene and fought them with the Staff of Nesrad. However he was overpowered and defeated, and they captured him, keeping the staff for themselves. They then brought Zakara to Aquila, where he was to be hanged in front of the court.