This article is about the first video game in the series. You may be looking for The Nesrad Legacy (Series).

The Nesrad Legacy is an open-world fantasy action-adventure video game.

The game centers around Zakara, an adventurer and former criminal who arrives in the foreign land of Clysia in search of a new life and to start afresh. He finds work in the city of Galreath and learns about an ongoing struggle between two conflicting religions and within it, their search for an all-powerful long hidden artifact capable of great things. Zakara gets caught up in the middle of this conflict and ends up having to stop a conspiracy against the land.

Gameplay Edit

The Nesrad Legacy is a sandbox action-adventure game, during which the player controls an adventurer named Zakara in the fictional land of Clysia. While carrying out a job for the Earl in the City of Galreath, he finds a mysterious key and a note detailing extremely vague clues as to the location of another hidden key. The eventual overall goal of the game is to find a powerful artifact by travelling across the land, made up of three provinces and within them main cities, by finding hidden keys; one hidden in each city. The keys will eventually unlock a temple which contains the artifact, hidden many years ago.

Between each key, Zakara and his friend the innkeeper must work out the location of the next one. They are very vague riddles which must be solved by the player. In each of the keys' locations, Zakara must fight different enemies ranging from giant spiders to undead bandits.

Zakara starts the game off with no weapons, and must fight the initial 'weak' enemies with his fists. Eventually as he continues on his travels, he is rewarded with new weapons, ranging from daggers to bows to swords.

Each city in the land is guarded with a large gate and Zakara must pay a fee if he wishes to enter. Eventually after carrying out quests for each of the cities' Earls, he earns the trust of the city and no longer has to pay to enter, and the guards become more lenient towards his activities, however will still pursue him if he was to steal in plain view or if he was to kill somebody.

Plot Edit